Wednesday, June 11, 2014

Hey folks!

Today I'm going t share with you my soap project I did last month. I entered the Great Cakes soap challenge for May. This time around the challenge was a mica & oil swirl technique. This was my first time trying this and I think it came out pretty dang cool! The technique is mixing mica colorants with a carrier oil, I used sweet almond oil for this.

These are the mica colors I chose Maroon, aqua & gold. The scent is Beau Brummel from Bramble Berry. This is probably one of my most favorite scents.period.ever. It smells of tobacco and maybe hints of cherry but not a stinky tobacco... it's good. So so good. Bramble Berry describes it as a scent reminiscent of a 18th century gentlemen's club. So I thought these 3 colors would be perfect for that.. they remind me of something royal & rich.

Ok back to the soap! Here is the top, a blank slate right now. I started off by using a dropper and making a maroon paisley pattern on top and then adding the swirl.I really just kind of winged it. I also used my dropper to make small gold dots randomly everywhere on top. Be careful to use small drops as the mica oil does spread.

Here is the soap after it has set up in log form. I let the soap sit in the mold for a few days, covered with a piece of wax paper. The mica needs time to absorb into the soap and I didn't want to risk messing up the top cutting it. Cool so far huh?

Here is the soap after I cut it into bars. Love it! I would definitely try this technique again. It's fun and I like how customizable this is and it turned out beautiful!

Thanks to Great Cakes Soapworks for another great challenge.