Friday, September 27, 2013

New wax melts!

Hi Folks! Just a quick post to show you all what I've been working on lately. Wax melts! I run warming pots almost daily and I finally got around to doing my own. So here are a few I've been working on.

First up- Butternut Pumpkin
A delicious scent of pumpkins & spice and a touch of vanilla.

Hot chocolate
Smells just like your favorite
cool weather treat!

This one has got to be a favorite scent of mine now its Sugar Corn Pudding! Fresh corn, sweet butter, creamy milk & sugar

These are used in your favorite wax melter pots like the Scentsy pots or some discount stores have versions of the same kind of melter. The wax melts are available in my either one of my shops over on Etsy or Bigcartel

Friday, September 13, 2013

Gradient Soap Challenge

This month I joined the soap challenge from Great Cakes Soapworks. This months challenge was to make a gradient soap using 3 colors. This was my first time entering the soap challenge and my first time making a gradient soap! It actually went really well. The fragrance is Cedarwood Sage. I planned everything out, printed out the instructions. I even wrote down on paper my layers so I wouldn't get things mixed up. For the soap I used green, yellow and orange for a fall color theme. I also used just a sprinkle of glitter on the top of the soap. Here are some pictures I put into a collage. This is the beginning stages of the soap, from mixing colors to layering, to the plops on top! I did leave out some of the layering pics but you get the point.

This next set of pictures are when the soap has hardened, before I cut the soap in it's loaf form and then the cut bars. For this gradient soap I used colorants from TKB, all my other supplies used are from Bramble Berry, Wholesale Supplies Plus & Natures Garden.

And here is the final product! All in all I am pretty happy with how it turned out. I wish that the layers were just a tad more pronounced but I'm pretty proud of it!

Cedarwood Sage Gradient Soap

Thanks for stopping by! And thanks to Amy of Great Cakes Soapworks for hosting this great challenge. It's always fun to learn something new.

Thursday, September 12, 2013

Super Swirls!

Good afternoon!

A few weeks ago I was able to download on my Kindle the new Soap Crafting book by Anne-Marie of Bramble Berry. If you soap, you know who she is. This is a fantastic book with lots of pictures, I like pictures :) After flipping thru the books for a few days I decided I was going to try out one of the techniques in the book. I picked out Squirty Swirls. Now this was fun! Squeezing layer upon layer of soap in my mold.

Here are pictures of the soap out of the mold and cut. I absolutely love the design it made. The colors I used were silver mica, aqua and white.

Here is a more close up picture. I would definitely try this technique again

Thanks for looking!

Just sharing a small soapy story of my soap I made from the Soap Crafting book. If you'd like your own copy of the book find it at

Wednesday, September 11, 2013

Soap Swap

Earlier this year I joined Bramble Berry's spring soap swap, I had so much fun I decided to participate in the fall swap also. This time around I combined 2 scents. Black Tea and Blackberry, both from Bramble Berry. I wanted the tobacco smell from the black tea with just a touch of berries. It sounded good in my head so I went with it.

This was my entry. It is colored black, white and burgundy. I didn't do anything crazy as far as swirling. I literally just poured the soap batter in the mold. I was quite happy with the swirl. I named this soap Blackberry Tea

Here is a cut picture of the soap. Lookin' pretty good!

This is the Blackberry Tea all packaged up and getting ready to send out for the swap.

And these are all the fantastic soaps I got back from my swap! For those of you who have never joined and are curious about the swap. Bramble Berry hosts 2 swaps a year. A soap maker makes 12 full size bars and sends them to Bramble Berry and in return you will get 12 bars back from 12 other soap makers! All you have to pay for is your shipping ( bars shipped out & bars received back) and of course the cost of your own supplies to make your bars. I cannot wait til spring to join again!