Wednesday, April 24, 2013

Wild violet vinegar

I saw a few posts recently on making different things with violets. I never knew the little tiny purple flowers I picked as a child in my yard were violets. I also didn't know the many things you can do with these things! Make oil, vinegar (which is what I did here) candy them, eat them in salads and make jelly. I'd love to gather enough to make jelly but for now I made a vinegar. I guess I should have infused them in oil and maybe I could have used that in soap? Hmmm
I really just wanted to see the beautiful color this would turn out to be. So I give you

Wild Violet Vinegar!

We picked the flowers, trimmed the stems & rinsed them off. Placed them on paper towels to dry out a bit and then placed them in a old salsa jar. Next you heat up some vinegar till it's warm enough to cover the flowers and let the flowers steep. The bottom left picture was taken maybe and hour after adding the vinegar. The bigger picture on the right was taken about 12 hours later. It's a magenta color and it's so pretty.

So in about a week I'll strain off the flower and be left with this gorgeous vinegar.
Now I have no idea what I'm doing with the mixture but it sure is pretty to look at.