Saturday, February 1, 2014

Rosewood soap

I am going to assume you all love to look at soap pictures as much as I do...I can sit for hours going through Facebook pages, Pinterest pages and even Google images. It's really fascinating how creative soapers can get. I love the different techniques, styles, colors, shapes and the different molds people use.

Here is a soap I made a couple days ago. It's scented with Rosewood, Cedarwood & Orange essential oils and it's great! To make that gorgeous pinkish-red color I used madder root powder. I just blended it with some sweet almond oil and let it sit in a jar for the better part of a day before I used it. It made a really nice color, I love it!

I love that everything in this soap is natural. Essential oil for fragrance, herbs for colorants and yummy stuff like coconut milk, Mango butter and kaolin clay.

Toodles for now! Next post will hopefully be on the wonderful Lemongrass soap I made last week.