Thursday, March 6, 2014

Soapy wedding favors

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I thought I'd share a project I had worked on a while back. One of my best friends asked me if I would make wedding soap favors for her December 2013 wedding. Yes I know it's now March and I'm writing about it.. better late then never! I love how they turned out. The whole wedding was just beautiful! The wedding took place on December 20th 2013. A fantastic time of year to have a wedding! The bride's colors were royal blue & white with a touch of silver & light blue, and lots of snowflakes! We decided on a icy peppermint scented soap colored in blue and white was fitting. To get the soap into a log.. I made my soap batter and then poured it into 2 inch pvc pipe. After it hardened I then cut them down into 1 ounce rounds to fit inside the tins. Here is the soap in log form and after I cut them.

She provided me with the metal tins and I designed how to decorate them. This is what I came up with.

The band around the tins is made from card stock. It's a cute little blue paper with snowflakes. I then made tons of tiny silver bows to glue on the top of the tins. Oh! I forgot to mention there are about 70 I think it was of these little tins! Whew! I also made the labels myself with their names, date, the saying "Mint to be" and of course more snowflakes.

Here are some pictures of the soap on the tables. Lookin' good!

Last but not least! I just had to include the fantastic new couple!

Thanks Jen for letting me be apart of this!